Xbox Achievements #3: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

As I look at the censored head  of one of my enemies, I start to wonder how this game makes me feel tired of playing it and that I want to stop playing. You know what that means.  Time for another sequel that tries something different but it fails completely; this is Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.


The sequel to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men; this game is not good. At all. It’s bad. Let’s start with the plot and characters of this game. You play as Lynch who brings his old partner from the first game to make one last deal  in Shanghai that falls apart so they have to fight to survive. The story is decent if a little bit depressing because of how the characters end up by the end of the game and the events that happen to them. Oh and there is no ending. The game just stops. Suddenly. It’s bad.  The visuals try something unique by being influenced by YouTube and social videos. The game has a grainy visual feel to it with glitches that happens when you get shot and dirty neighborhoods in the levels.  Its an interesting concept but it wears out its welcome by the second level because it is hard on the eyes and exhausting to look at. The gameplay is cumbersome with a cover system that is not exactly at the level of Gears of War. The shotgun is overpowered with the other guns being too inaccurate to be useful. Honestly, the single player campaign is exhausting to play and it takes forever even though it is actually pretty short. The multiplayer is better because the visual tricks are toned down, there is no story and there is a fun aspect of traitors and undercover cops. It involves robbing a bank and escaping before time runs out. It has an arcade feel to it that the single player mode doesn’t have  Unfortunately it only has a few maps but this is hands down the best part of the game. Achievements?

The game has achievements in all of it’s modes. The single player involves beating the levels and killing enemies in specific ways like headshots and the sort. There is also co-op but there is only about 5 achievements in that mode(which I did not play). The multiplayer achievements are surviving the different rounds and completing sessions. There is also misc. achievements for doing specific things in certain multiplayer modes. In summary, this game gets a Don’t verdict because it is not fun to play the single player and multiplayer does not have enough content to carry the game. The achievements are not worth it in my opinion. So play something else already.



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