Playing with Steam #3: Yet Another Zombie Defense

As I stand my ground against the advancing zombie horde , I cant help but notice that I have done this many times before with no major changes. That sentence describes Yet Another Zombie Defense perfectly. A competent game with good ideas but doesn’t reach the next level.


Yet Another Zombie Defense is a dual stick shooter game on Steam where you (obviously) defend yourself from a zombie horde. Lets get the major issue of this game out of the way. This game is okay. Competent. Fun but ultimately forgettable. There is not story; just three characters named The Guy, The Girl and The Swat. The gameplay is divided into waves of zombies which ends after you kill all the zombies of the wave. In-between waves you can buy weapons, turrets and blocks. There is a little bit of tower defense elements with the turrets and blocks but it still isn’t enough to differentiate Yet Another Zombie Defense from other dual stick shooters. There is a level up system as you advance through the waves but there is no immediate change in the gameplay because the bonuses are small and needs to level up substantially in order to be helpful. There is also an endless mode where you are constantly attacked by zombies and can’t build  any structure or weapons. You just pick up random drops. This mode isn’t as enjoyable as the other can be though because of the elimination of the turrets and tower defense mechanics. In summary, this game is fun but nothing extraordinary. Now what about the achievements?

The achievements are score based, surviving for a certain amount of time in endless mode and some miscellaneous achievements. Honestly this games achievements are kind of hard and needs a certain amount of practice and strategy in order to complete but nothing needing legendary skills. AND its cheap as dirt also so that helps it reach a verdict of Play It For achievements/trading cards.  The game is competent if unremarkable but if you need a quick fix of cheap action then you can’t go wrong with this game.

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