Google Play Games XP #3: High School Story

High school is a common setting for movies and tv shows but it is less common in videogames. There are games like Persona 3 where the setting is in a high school but it involves fantasy and sci-fi elements. What I’m getting at is that there are very few games that portrays high school without using speculative fiction elements. This game is one of them and its  called High School Story.


High School Story is a simulation game in the style similar to Dragonvale. You play as a high school student that makes his own high school for all types of people to enroll. How do you get these people? By partying of course! Just like breeding in Dragonvale, you mix and match types of students to get more combinations.  These students are then used in quests which advance the story. While this is fun for a while, the randomness of this type of system has always been a turn off for me but this game has a trick up its sleeve. Story. The game’s story is surprisingly well written and ends up becoming the main motivation for the player after playing for a while. Not only is are the characters fun and likeable but you have jerkholes to hate also. There’s even some serious side quests that deal with cyberbullying and weight problems. Now what about the achievements?

I haven’t gotten a single achievement in this game yet and I have played weeks of this game. There are five achievements and they all involve leveling up a certain type of student to level 10. This is taking forever because the leveling system involves buying books from one of the buildings but (a) this takes a lot of time and (b) doesn’t give you nearly enough books for the later levels. Thankfully the game’s quests doesn’t involve levels that much just types and certain special students. Honestly this game gets a Play It verdict because the story is so well done that you just want to keep finding new characters and beating quests so you can advance the story.

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