Google Play Games XP #2: Marvel Future Fight

After some laziness I have decided to write a review that might be controversial. Not because of the game but for the circumstances around it. Lets talk about Marvel Future Fight.


Marvel Future Fight is an action rpg where you play as a variety of marvel heroes(or villains) as they try to stop an attack from unknown sources. The story is limited in the sense that it is an action rpg game so story isn’t the primary focus. The focus is on the gameplay and combat. The combat is simple to the point of having a normal attack and a couple of skills per hero. There is an element of strategy because there are different types of characters including combat and blasters. The system is similar to rock, paper and scissors; each type is strong and weak to another. The skills are unlocked by ranking up heroes by getting metrics aka energy. Metrics are also used to recruit new heroes but these are only available after completing elite missions. This leads to one of my main peeves with this game. Unlocking parts or missions takes too long. The game wants to hold your hand as much as possible even though the game is actually pretty simple and doesn’t need hand holding. I still haven’t unlocked the daily missions even after playing weeks of this game. The next problem is more complicated than just the game. Let me just throw it out there. There is no X-Men or Fantastic Four CHARACTERS in the game. No Thing. No Deadpool. No Doctor Doom. No Wolverine. Why? Rumors say that its because FOX owns the movie rights to these characters and this game seems like evidence supporting that rumors. Along with other games and companies there has been a lockdown of those characters which is a real shame for this game because it would have been nice to play as Wolverine or Magneto. That is my biggest problem in the game with this game that cant be really be fixed unfortunately unless something changes drastically in the movie business. So now that is out of the way, lets talk about the achievements.

The achievements can be divided into SHIELD levels, Chapter clearing and enhancing heroes or gear. Some of them are easy to get. Others will take time since the SHIELD levels are not the same as heroes levels. The chapters are divided mostly into ten short levels so you just need a strong team to clear the chapters pretty quickly. In summary this game is pretty fun but the achievements will take some time to get so it gets a Play It verdict.


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