Playing with Steam #2: DLC Quest Review

Now that I have enraged future readers by writing about casual games, lets look at a two-part indie game that makes fun of video games and its tropes. The game is called DLC Quest.  Via:

You play as Player on his quest to rescue the Princess from the Bad Guy. Unfortunately, Player doesn’t have enough skills or items to reach the end of his quest. So what now? Well, you buy dlc of course. From a sword, to a double jump, to animations; you will need to buy dlc from the shopkeep using coins you find in the world. That’s its pretty much.  Its a short game with no real replay value but its enjoyable while it lasts and while the jokes keep coming. The platforming isn’t difficult but the controls can sometimes let you down into frustration.  So what happens after you finish DLC Quest? Well you play the second part:Freemium or Die

Freemium or Die takes the formula of DLC Quest and makes it bigger for lesser results. Unfortunately the world is bigger but it makes the platforming more frustrating than the first part. Also you gain a wall jump but lose the double jump making the game have a learning curve even though you just played the first part. The jokes themselves are still as funny but because it takes longer to get to them, they lose the sense of rhythm that the first one has. So in summary Freemium or Die is just not as fun as the first part. Now what about the achievements?

The game is available on both Xbox Live Indie Games (does anyone still use that?) and Steam. The Steam version has both achievements and trading cards. Now the achievements themselves are really simple. Most of them are earned for beating the story and buying all dlc packs. There are some miscellaneous achievements but only  couple. The real problem to 100% completion are the speed-run achievements. Yeah, I know. From what Ive read, those two achievements are kind of a pain in the ass but(snicker) every other achievements are pretty easy. So the verdict is Play It For Achievements/Trading Cards because while the game’s jokes are always funny, the platforming and game play takes a hit in the second part.

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