Playing with Steam #1: Clicker Heroes

This blog has reviews on console and mobile games but what about PC games? Not yet but that changes now with a review of a free to play casual clicker game on Steam. The game is Clicker Heroes.


Okay calm down hardcore gamer who hates casual stuff. This game can be considered a secondary game in the sense that you can leave it and do something else but when you come back you have more stuff. How? Clicker Heroes is a clicker idle rpg game where you click on enemies to get gold coins. Said gold coins can be used to upgrade clicking power or to strengthen your heroes. These heroes inflict a set amount of damage over time whether the game is on or off so you can farm gold without farming gold. GENIUS. You can play any-other game while your heroes get gold for you. Later you can come back and strengthen your heroes even more so they can get more gold; repeat until the end of the universe. There is a certain satisfaction in this system hence why there are so many clicker games available on mobile and pc game stores. I don’t believe it has anything to do with being hardcore and casual. Besides, there is an amount of strategy involved in this clicker game because of ascension. Ascension in this game means that you have the option to start over to gain souls. These souls always stay with you no matter the number of ascensions and they are incredibly useful. They raise attack points and used to gain power from the game world’s ancients which helps advance more where you can then ascend to gain more hero souls so you… you get the idea. It sounds repetitive but it works in a lazy motivational system but still brings in rewards way.Also, its free so that helps too. So this game is on steam and it has BOTH achievements and steam trading cards. Lets talk about that.

The achievements in this game are quite simple: killing monsters, leveling up heroes, getting gold, and ascending. The only thing you need is time and to check up on the game every day. Simple but effective to motivate the player even more. Now the game also has steam trading cards. Normally you would get card drops for playing this game but since its a free to play game you need to buy in game stuff in order to gain card drops. So in summary play it for the ACHIEVEMENTS cause its easy and simple but still pretty fun in its making addicts system.


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