Google Play Games XP #1: Angry Birds Transformers

Alright guys, it is time for the first mobile game review on this blog and what better game than an Angry Birds game? Exactly, none. Now Angry Birds has done some crossovers with Star Wars and the Rio movie but the next one was definitely the weirdest. You can say its more than meets the eye(snare drum). Sigh. Its Angry Birds Transformers.

14249307350_33699c6026_z Via:

Angry Birds Transformers is a casual shooter game that combines the Angry Birds franchise with the Transformers franchise. This sounds like a mess but it actually works as a fun, simple game. It combines a running shooter game with elements from the Angry Birds. For example, you can shoot the enemies  directly or shoot blocks to crush and pop them. This makes the game kind of unique in that sense. The playable characters (Autobirds and Deceptihogs) all have different type of shots ranging from simple laser blasts to a shotgun type blast adding more replay value to the game. The freemium scheme of this game is that  each character has 5 hearts but you need to use coins to restore them while also having to wait for it but since there are multiple playable characters this does not affect the game much. The only issue I have with the game structure is that in order to unlock new areas of the map you have to level up the characters which can become a problem as the prices to level up go higher and higher. So what about the achievements?

The achievements of this game are actually pretty easy. They range from unlocking different characters and areas to destroying a certain amount of enemies or blocks. There is some confusion because the game has its own achievements different from the google play achievements which can get confusing at first but thats a minor gripe with this game. In summary, this game is actually pretty fun so Play It already so you can have the touch ….. great (Sarcasm)



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