Xbox Achievements #2: Prototype

Writing about the things that you love has always been a double edged sword. Why? Its simple really. There are games, music and movies that aren’t really fun. Prototype is a game that qualifies as a not really fun game for a couple of reasons that will be discussed until I’m tired of talking about it. So lets start then. 206 Via

Prototype is action-adventure game released for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Steam where you play as Alex Mercer who is a shapeshifter with no memory of his past. This game can be describe as GTA with superheroes and lots of blood. That sounds like fun. Right? Right? Well some of it is. The powers are cool and the side missions( stealth,combat,movement) are a fun diversion but everything else falls apart. First, the story never really grabs the player since it is not well done or original. The cut scenes in the game have bad dialogue and the characters never really grow beyond being simple mission givers. There is an interesting plot twist that could have worked but it is barely acknowledged after it happens so it ends up being another disappointment.The one good thing about the story is an optional part of the game where you can hunt people around the map, kill them horribly and then absorb them to find out more about the world of Prototype. No joke; this is probably the best part of the game but its ruined because you need to unlock some people in the story. Now lets talk about the combat which is another problem in the game.

Alex Mercer is a shapeshifter that has both offensive and defensive abilities including claws and protective armor. Unfortunately the game start introducing elements that are just plain annoying. Mutants that are faster than you. Helicopters that never stand still. The list goes on and on and by the end of the game its just a patience test for the player. So there is no reason to play for the story and there is no fun in the gameplay so what about the achievements?

The achievements are a mixed list of story, side missions and miscellaneous achievements. Unfortunately some of the side missions and miscellaneous achievements involve 100% percentage of a certain mission type or grinding some destruction and killing. So in short, the game is not worth it for the achievements. Verdict? Don’t Play It 





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